How To Become A Lash Tech In Texas

Are you interested in becoming a lash tech? This blog provides you with a guide on everything you need to become a successful lash technician in Texas!

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Products Lash Artists Can't Live Without

As a lash artist, having the right tools and products is crucial for providing the best possible service to your clients. In this blog, we’re going over our top 5 essential products that every lash artist should have!

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Student kit collaboration with Untamed Artistry

As DLU has grown since 2020 we’ve really listened to what our students value! From a comprehensive learning experience to innovative supplies + materials, we want everything to align with our students success. And this out-of-this world brand partnership with Untamed Artistry is a milestone for DLU! We believe in being incredible experts in all things education and leaving the innovative products + tools to the Untamed Artistry team.

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Lash Extensions! Why Are There So Many Options?!

So you’ve finally broken down and have decided you want to get lash extensions! You’ve done a bit of homework, found the lash artist you think would be great for you and head on over to their booking website to book your appointment! You get in, get all of your info plugged in and go to book your slot. Then, you’re asked what kind of a set you would like to book. Oh my word at the options. You simply had no idea there were so many things to choose from - you don’t know, you just want lashes! Have no fear! We’re going to walk through the many options that there are, talk about what they are and about the final look you can expect to receive.

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