3 Mistakes to Avoid

October 23, 2021

If you’re a new lash artist earning your licensing + certification welcome to the industry! This billion dollar industry is home to countless lash bosses who’ve been right where you are now… Starting out as a new artist is never easy, but that’s the part where we come in… DLU is a Texas state licensed cosmetology school in Dallas + we believe education is the key to success in the business of lashes. Here are the 3 biggest mistakes new lash artists make… and we are giving you the solutions + strategies to avoid them!

  1. Organize your business + finances.

This is a huge pitfall for new artists, don’t delay getting your business started! In our industry you can be an independent contractor (most salons offer this as a 1099) or as studio owner.  Either route you’ll benefit from getting your LLC started so you can get a business bank account.  Not only is this your first step to an organized + official business, it’s the foundation for your financial success.  

Grants for small businesses are abundant! In order to qualify for grant programs or business financing you need organized financials. 

In the state of Texas you can file your LLC here directly through the state. Don’t fall for cons saying you need a lawyer or accountant to file for you.

Once you get your LLC you can obtain a business bank account. Try your local small business friendly credit union. You’ll be working to build a relationship with your bank so you can get financing when you need it!

  1. Secure your licensing + insurance.

Skipping this step can put you in a really bad position long-term. Without proper credentials you’re exposing yourself to the potential legal repercussions that could cost thousands of dollars. Once the state issues a citation or notice of unlicensed work it can start a case for the the state licensing + regulation department. This can result in permanent ineligibility for licensing in the future.

When you have proper credentials you can then obtain service provider insurance. This insurance is separate from your basic liability policy that covers things like slip + falls in your space or accidents.  Provider insurance covers your service work based on the services you’re providing clients. Here are a few links to our recommendations for insurance:




  1. Invest where it counts.

Don’t fall into the quick cash trap! It’s exciting to start earning money from your services, but what's even more exciting is the potential of your business long-term.  Invest back into your business the things that will make the biggest impact.

Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Budget for continuing education
  • Invest in the most comfortable/high quality equipment you can afford for your studio
  • Create a consistent marketing budget 
  • Budget + invest in a website that helps you work smarter
  • Invest in a virtual assistant/assistant to help handle your clients
  • Invest in online booking
  • Invest in your client experience

These are all things that will pay you back 100x over through saving your time, enhancing the client experience, and creating an automated flow to help your lash biz thrive.

And lastly remember, enjoy the journey you’re on! Learning + growing takes time so give yourself the grace you need to have a happy + healthy career behind the bed. 

If you loved these tips then stay tuned for more gems!