Lash Extensions! Why Are There So Many Options?!

April 13, 2022

So you’ve finally broken down and have decided you want to get lash extensions! You’ve done a bit of homework, found the lash artist you think would be great for you and head on over to their booking website to book your appointment! You get in, get all of your info plugged in and go to book your slot. Then, you’re asked what kind of a set you would like to book. Oh my word at the options. You simply had no idea there were so many things to choose from - you don’t know, you just want lashes! Have no fear! We’re going to walk through the many options that there are, talk about what they are and about the final look you can expect to receive. 

Let’s talk about the OG, the one that started it all: Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are going to be the most “natural” looking lash extensions available. They are a single lash extension, applied to a single lash in a 1:1 ratio. 

  • If you’re one for the drama or if you regularly wear strip lashes, classic lashes aren’t for you.
  • If you like the idea of very well applied mascara, with just a little attitude, classic lashes are definitely up your alley. 

Next on the roster is going to be Volume!

  • Volume has a lot of facets, but we’re going to keep it simple and refer to Russian Volume 
  • Volume lashes are lightweight lashes that are applied in a 3-8:1 ratio. That means unlike classic lashes where only 1 extension is applied to the natural lash, multiple fibers (~3-8) will come together to create something that looks like a bouquet of flowers. This is called a “fan”. That fan will be placed on each individual lash, creating a darker, bolder, fluffier look. This look is still capable of appearing more on the natural side, but will definitely be more noticeable than classic lashes. 

Next on the list is for those that just can’t decide between classic lashes and volume lashes.

For the in betweens, we have Hybrid lashes!

This is going to be a balance between classics and volume, and gives you a little bit of dimension. 

How your hybrid lashes turn out really depends on how your artist goes about executing their hybrid sets. Some artists will do a 50/50 ratio of 50% volume fans and 50% classic lashes. Others will do a 60/40, 70/30 or even an 80/20 split. The more volume fans in the set, the more dramatic the final set will turn out. It’s always a good idea to ask your artist how they like to do their hybrid sets so that you can be prepared!

Mega Volume is next on the list, and it is what it sounds like!

This type of set is for the gals that just can’t get enough of the drama! More is better! 

Mega volume sets consist of 10-20 fibers on each fan (think of a large bouquet of flowers) and are made up of the lightest lashes on the market. Each of these fans are attached to a single natural lash and the end result is the most dramatic final look possible. Your natural lash line and the coverage from your lash artist will determine just how dark and bold the finished product is. 

Finally, we have the ever so popular Strip Lash Look!

This style can be achieved in a multitude of ways. All sorts of different weighted fans can be used, so long as the final look is a textured look. Some of the final looks appear to be a bit “messy”, while others are very uniform, clean and simply have dynamic dimension. The lashes on a strip lash look do tend to be on the longer side. If this is something you’re uninterested in, make sure your lash artist is aware! 

What’s your fave lash extension look? Drop a comment down below!